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The flight before the morning after

Flying out to Thailand was the thing I was looking forward to the least this journey. A 5am start followed by two 7 hour flights, I was expecting it to be the longest, most tedious journey...but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I felt surprisingly awake as I rolled out of bed at 5:30 - the excitement was obviously kicking in. After a quick browse of duty free and two dark chocolate and almond butter cookies from Pret, we were off to Dubai. Faye and I passed the time on the first flight watching the Greatest Showman and playing games on the screens (which she won every time). I also watched a documentary on Lin Manuel Miranda and his creation of Hamilton, my absolute favourite musical of all time. The flight was over in what seemed like no time and before we knew it we were on the next flight to Phuket. I was sat alone during take off, but quickly discovered that most of the plane was empty and so we all moved into the same area. My plans of sleeping away this flight were ruined as we all decided to join Ellie’s silent disco, singing along to Whitney and having a few beverages in the process. We landed at 7:20 and in that 26 hours the total amount of sleep we had was forty minutes at a push. 

After dragging myself through customs dehydrated and sleep deprived, we finally made it into the taxi, which was just as eventful as the last two trips. The driver over here seem to be reckless; they drive so closely together and pulled out on one another so dangerously I was surprised we made it to the hotel in one piece. Ellie and I collapsed into bed, had a power nap and chiselled open my bag after I had lost the keys to undo the padlock and then finally headed off to the beach. Even though it has been overcast today, the heat was sweltering and we were all thankful for the sea breeze.

It’s now five minutes to midnight and I can’t wait for a good nights sleep before the busy day ahead tomorrow!

Love always,

Alex x